Burger joint gets into text message war with disgruntled customer

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A MELBOURNE burger joint has bitten off more than it can chew after one of its employees started a text message war with a disgruntled customer.

Stackd Burger Bar in Eden Rise has been flooded with bad reviews following a string of abusive texts to a customer, who said she cancelled her food order after being told it would take two and a half hours to arrive.

The customer then wrote a review about the experience and the fact she did not get a refund for the food, which she ordered from the Eden Rise restaurant via Menulog last week. The restaurant disputed she had not received a refund.

A staff member then allegedly sent her a flurry of furious texts, including telling her fake reviewing is illegal, that she was permanently banned from Stackd and threatening to take legal action over her review.

The woman denied she posted a fake review, saying she had eaten from Stackd before.

She repeatedly asked the restaurant staff to leave her alone and stop messaging, but they continued, calling her a joker who was only looking for free food.

They then threatened to contact all restaurants in Vic so no one delivers to u (sic) again.

The exchange was then shared dozens of times online.

Later, Stackd posted on its Facebook page about the drama, blaming the furious texts on an employee who had since been fired, before offering the customer a free meal.

It later removed its Facebook page.

The restaurant has since been flooded with one-star reviews on Google and Facebook check-in, with people calling the staffs attitude disgusting.

Menulog has placed the restaurant on high alert and will be monitoring its actions.

Comment was sought from Stackd.

Menulog television commercial: Courtesy Menulog.